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Wedding Photography is art, feeling … Your wedding is a very important moment in your life and in mine. As a wedding photographer in Chennai I can say that I love my life, my work is my passion. My Wedding ceremony reports are full of naturalness, feelings, excitement, much enthusiasm. We are Best Professional Candid wedding photographers in Chennai and throughout India. For us, photography is one of the best ways to tell stories, to feel … to feel again, to get excited, to get involved, to make ourselves a little space in other lives that are not ours. This page is the result of a story that began, and that we hope will continue to grow for many more years. Here we want to show you our way of understanding and reflecting your reality, and try to convince you that happiness depends only on you.

Side by side, we work day by day with perseverance so that your Best wedding photographs are unique and original, that transmit the emotions of that special day that you have prepared with such enthusiasm.

Best Wedding Photographers in Chennai Tamilnadu India

In addition to the creative facet of the photographs, we also contemplate the documentary aspect of a good photographic report .

Creativity and Documentation are the main characteristics of our photographic style.

We invite you to discover what we can offer you through a brief tour of our website . If you wish you can continue with our selection of documentary Best Brahmin wedding photographs and then access the blog to see our most recent works.

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To begin we invite you to discover our vision as wedding photographers , the most creative part of our work through a selection of wedding photographs of the latest work done.

Smiley Snaps photographers is the union of great professionals in wedding photography. We brings our individual experience and style to the creative process of capturing your wedding by continuously seeking excellence in our photography .

An exclusive wedding , a demanding couple , an unlimited love, a luxury guests, a dream enclave. The wedding of your life . Each link is different. At Smiley Snaps Photography we carefully study the profile of the couple, we prepare every detail of the wedding with them with the sole purpose of getting the best out of them and from us.

Creativity and documentalism come together to make the most important book of your life. It is not a photo album, it is a work of art . This is defined by many of our clients. A present value for the bride and groom and an incalculable future value that will remain for posterity for future generations.

we are wedding photographers in Chennai as well as portrait. We specialize in a type of creative, spontaneous and timeless wedding photography with a modern twist. We are especially known for our creative style when it comes to composition, our Candid style when capturing spontaneous moments and our total dedication and proximity to our clients.

Smiley Snaps photographers have photographed hundreds of weddings throughout India. we have also done many wedding reports in Tamilnadu, weddings in Coimbatore, weddings in Karur, weddings in Trichy, weddings in Tanjavoor, weddings in Kerala We want to say with this that we do weddings throughout India. In each of these wedding reports we strive to create beautiful photographs, natural moments, stunning portraits, images of the small details of the wedding, all of which is completed with spectacular photos of the ceremony, cocktail and celebration but always with a different touch.

If you are looking for a photography studio with a spontaneous and creative style for a wedding in Chennai. We strive to create creative and attractive images in the city of Chennai, and we understand the complexity of working in Chennai and its surroundings both farms and other picturesque places so fashionable today. we are also accustomed to working in the surroundings of Chennai. We have the headquarters in Chennai although we move around without any cost to our customers.

We are especially satisfied with all the clients who come to our studio for the comments that our former clients have made, there is nothing better for a recommendation than a satisfied customer. Word of mouth in our Chennai clients is very important and many of you come for positive comments from the bride and groom to whom we made their wedding photographs, as well as the positive reviews that the bride and groom have been leaving these years in the Website of as well as blogs such as

Each Photo Keeps Many Stories And Each Story Hides Great Photos 

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