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10 keys to choose your wedding dress

10 keys to choose your wedding dress Wedding Photography Chennai Smileysnaps 13

This Article is Presented By Yabesh Photography Chennai. 10 keys to choose your wedding dress. Do you dream of a flowing dress that enhances your waist and illuminates your eyes? Do you want a classic suit with a long tail and a lace veil? Or are you thinking of something more daring, like a tube skirt and a big neckline on the back? Whatever the dress of your dreams, the professionals of specialized stores will know how to orient you and help you find the one you are looking for. Take note of these tips, very useful to start making decisions.

10 keys to choose your wedding dress

1. Match the environment.

If you consider the place and date of your wedding you already have two key clues to choose your wedding dress. Will you marry one July morning near the sea? Or a November afternoon in a cathedral illuminated by candles? The majority of fabrics that are used in the making of this type of dress are suitable for any time of the year, while others, like linen or organdy, are more suitable for summer, or velvet and brocade for winter.

2. Think about your budget.

How much do you want to spend? Tell the seller of the bridal shop to show you dresses that suit your needs. Normally this purchase supposes between 10 and 15% of the total expenses of the wedding. Be careful to reserve some money for accessories : veil, shoes, belt, headdress, jacket, gloves …

3. Do not wait until the last moment.

To give you an idea, brides are usually recommended to start looking dress about nine months before the wedding and to acquire it six months before. Why so much? Because the manufacturers take about four months to make it and another two to make arrangements and modifications, although very elaborate models can take even more time. If you’re in a hurry, many stores serve urgent orders for a little more money, although in this case you’ll have fewer dresses to choose from.

4. Learn well.

It is very possible that it is the first time that you hear about bámbola, dupión, mikado or chantilly. And no, they are not dessert recipes, but the names of different fabrics and wedding dresses. So before choosing, find out in magazines, blogs or books about the infinite possibilities that exist. You can make an album with the photos of the dresses that you like, or the details and decorations that you think you can look good.

5. Book in advance.

If you have liked many models of a bridal shop, call ahead to find out what brands they offer, in what price range their dresses are, if they have accessories and if they make arrangements. Many establishments will give you day and time to attend you personally and without interruptions. Do not go in a hurry. Remember that you are living one of the most beautiful moments of your life. Take your time and enjoy it to the fullest. And do not go alone!

6. Your personal touch

If you are excited to wear the veil that your mother wore on her wedding day, a special ribbon of your grandmother or something that has an important sentimental value for you, do not hesitate to tell the seller of the store. You can advise on the best way to combine it with the dress you choose.

7. Ask for advice.

Even if it seems that the design offered by the seller is not your style or is not what you imagined, listen to his expert opinion. Maybe that dress that you do not like how it fits the mannequin to you feels much better. Anyway, the one that will take you is you. And it is important that you feel comfortable . Never buy a dress that you do not like to please others.

8. Do not look at the size.

Forget the traditional sizing and look at how your dress looks. Do not obsess about wearing a model of size 38 thinking that you will lose weight for the wedding. It’s easier to make last-minute arrangements if it’s a little wide than if it’s too small for you.

9. Read the contract

Before giving the payment and signal, the bridal dress shop will give you a contract in which all the important information will be indicated: the price, the delivery date, whether the free arrangements enter or not …

10. The final tests.

For the dress to be ready you will need to try it two or three times, but if you are not sure that the result is perfect, do not hesitate to ask for any more proof. The first is usually done between two and four months before the wedding, and you will have to wear underwear, shoes and accessories. The last test is done one or two weeks before the ceremony. Be accompanied by your mother, a sister or the person who will help you put on your dress.

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