Wedding Tips

31 tips to make sure you enjoy your wedding day

tips to make sure you enjoy your wedding day

1. Wake up rested.
Go to bed at an acceptable hour the night before so you can be perfect. For this reason it is prudent to plan the bachelor and bachelor party at least one week in advance.

2. Eat a breakfast that is high in protein and complex carbohydrates.
It will take a while before your body digest this food and keep you active, which is important since brides and grooms can spend long hours without eating.

3. Take the time to prepare.
You want to be able to relax and have a good time with your bridesmaids, without stressing whether you will finish on time or not.

4. Wear a dress blouse when you fix your hair.
Brides often wear shirts that eventually have to be pulled over their freshly combed hair. However, dress shirts can be unbuttoned without damaging your beautiful hairstyle.

5. The bride and groom should make a list of all the things they need to do on the morning of the wedding.
The bridesmaids are great to help the bride remember everything. Groomsmen are less useful in this regard, although they are more likely to bring beer.

6. Speaking of groomsmen, it is a good idea for the groom to talk about how he expects them to behave.
Kids can get pretty crazy at a reception. If you want an adequate level of decorum, it is best to make it clear before someone tries to take a shot of your grandmother’s body.

7. If you bought new shoes for the big day, be sure to tame them before using them.
Otherwise you will be responsible for feeling uncomfortable with them and having sore feet.

8. Do not exaggerate with the perfume.
A subtle perfume can nausea and even attract bugs.

9. This goes for you too, boyfriends.
Remember, a little bit of cologne goes a long way.

10. Hire a wedding coordinator if possible.
Couples often decide to eliminate this expense, but a coordinator will allow them to enjoy their day while keeping the drama at bay.

11. If you can not hire a wedding coordinator, let your bridesmaids take care of some logistical problems that day.
They are literally dying to help.

12. Do not forget a survival kit for the day of the wedding.
A typical one includes a first aid kit, tampons, a stain remover pencil & quot; Tide To Go & quot; and anything else that can solve a minor emergency.

13. Take a few selfies.
These spontaneous shots are a fun counterpoint to the stylized professional shots of your photographer.

14. But also, keep your phone away.
Nothing that happens is more important than your wedding, okay?

15. Relax before walking down the hall.
Do some light stretches to release tension and put your blood in circulation, so no – panting – you will faint. Hey, it usually happens. Watch YouTube.

16. Stop to assimilate everything during the ceremony.
Ask whoever officiates your wedding to include a moment of “deep breathing” & quot; so you can examine the public, look at your spouse and record the memory in your mind.

17. Make an appointment for a five-minute dinner.
Taking the time to enjoy a full meal is almost impossible with so many guests screaming for your attention, but a five-minute dinner date – where you eat a little and enjoy the company of your new spouse – is more reasonable.

18. If five minutes is too much, order your food to go.
Arrange with the catering service to send them a couple of boxes of food to take away when they leave the celebration. They will be happy to do it.

19. Be magnanimous.
Greet everyone with a smile, even if it’s your second cousin with whom you have not spoken in a couple of years because she said that thing (you know what I’m talking about). Nobody likes an angry girlfriend, and you will not like being one either.

20. Also, remain prepared during the speech of the sponsor and the maid of honor.
If something is said inappropriate it is better to let it go without having a great reaction. Many people will have forgotten, but they will not forget you shouting to the godfather.

21. Give a thank you speech with your spouse.
You will feel good for thanking your parents, grandparents, and guests (especially those who have traveled great distances) for making such a memorable occasion possible in your life.

22. Plan to take group photos at the reception.
Have the DJ call college friends, co-workers, and teammates to take a couple of group photos. Your photographer might suggest doing this before the reception, but reserve those more formal and time-consuming photos for the wedding party and the family only.

23. Be careful with alcohol.
This is a day that you will want to remember clearly for the rest of your life, so make sure you do not drink too much (that’s done at friends’ weddings). One tip is to drink a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage.

24. Wear low shoes for the reception.
Ballet shoes will look great with a wedding dress, so bring a pair to wear when you want to relax.

25. Name someone to save you from the talkative guests.
Someone inevitably, whether your aunt grandmother of Poughkeepsie or the father of a roommate of the university, will speak for the elbows apparently without realizing that it is the day of your wedding. That’s why having someone who politely sets you apart is a must.

26. Have a moment with your parents.
Brides dance with their parents and boyfriends with their mothers, but there is not a moment reserved for the other father. Reserve one.

27. Do not bite the cake.
Girlfriends, they still have people to see and photos to take, so it’s not convenient for you to have cake in your hair and in your dress (or you do not want to have to put on makeup again). Boyfriends, that’s not how you want to start your married life. Trust me with this.

28. Give the DJ a list of the songs you want to hear.
This way you will be more likely to listen to your favorite song instead of & quot; YMCA & quot ;.

29. Make sure you dance.
Your favorite tunes are playing, the dance floor is full of people you love, and you have reasons to celebrate! With conditions like that, even boyfriends who “do not dance” & quot; They will regret if they do not release their inner Bacon.

30. Have a relaxed attitude about the wedding night.
If the fireworks explode, formidable. But after a long day, many brides and many sweethearts collapse from fatigue. Do not worry … there will be plenty of time for fireworks later.

31. Remember why you are there.
In the midst of all the fun and celebration, make sure you have a moment to look at the person you are engaging with for the rest of your life and to reflect on the incredible journey ahead.

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