About Us

Smiley Snaps Photography is a team made up of professionals, wedding and video photographers dedicated and committed, with a different sensibility to see the photography and wedding reportage, as well as being in constant training and innovation and adapted to the requirements and demands of the current market .

We are a young company, but with extensive experience and proven knowledge in what we do; photo and video reports .

Over time, we have become a benchmark in the sector, and all thanks to the recommendations of our customers who have valued the effort and commitment that we put into each of the jobs that are entrusted to us.

We are located in Chennai , although we offer coverage throughout Tamilnadu India, as well as internationally.

We have the experience and the intuition, of knowing how to obtain exclusive and unrepeatable images, with a life of their own, that together are capable of telling a real story.

A story where the characters appear and act without ceasing to be themselves, where each moment can be revived again and feel that everything is happening again.

We would love to meet you and give us that illusion that you are living and that motivates you to look for a photographer to freeze in time all the special moments that you will live that day.

In addition, we are aware of how important it is for you to find some photographers with whom you feel completely at ease so that the day of the wedding, everything flows in the most natural way possible.