Wedding Budget

Budget for a wedding: how to calculate it and take advantage of time

Budget for a wedding

Most women look forward to their wedding day, even before meeting the couple they will marry. However, you rarely think about the budget for a wedding. Delimiting it is not impossible, just a little difficult. However, what most come to tempt are the incredible trends that arise every day and that are not so cheap. Even so, you can get what you want, adjust to the money you have and save you millions of mortification’s and time.

Budget for a wedding: how to calculate it and take advantage of time

Learn to let go
It is totally understandable that when planning your wedding you want everything you see. Even social networks can become a vice. In addition, the sleeplessness becomes daily when trying to define what you really want.

In short, what you want is important. However, how much of it is essential to achieve the event you dreamed of? Delimit a healthy budget is to get rid of ideas that would even make the most important day of your life look excessive.

How to calculate it
The budget for a wedding is estimated based on your partner’s finances and yours . Basically, it is a goal of savings in common and, regularly, in contributions by their families. Taking this into account, you will arrive at the indicated number.

Basic questions
After having an identified budget, we must shape everything.

Are you willing to take control to a hundred or hire a wedding planner? In any of the cases, it is better if by visiting your coordinator you already have an idea of ​​what you want. This will give you a time advantage. In addition, you will have options suited to your needs.

  • Thematic or simple wedding?
  • Open or closed place?
  • Dj or musical group?
  • buffet?
  • Carp or open air?
  • Deck, esplanade or green area?
  • Natural or artificial flowers?
  • Day or night?
  • Liquor or beer?
  • Dessert table, cake or both?

This is what you should take into account to mark the line of your wedding that, along with your budget and maximum number of guests, will give you rough options and appropriate to your needs and possibilities.

Season of the year
Remember that this is an important factor, because it defines seasons and weather states. Also, if you choose flowers and seasonal ingredients for your banquet, then it will be a little cheaper.

By last…
Always keep in mind that additional services can be found anywhere, but without location, without music and banquet there is no wedding.

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