Candid Wedding Photography Chennai

Welcome to my Candid wedding photography portfolio. I’m Sravanan, photographer and artist. I’m glad you got here, now you can know my work and, if you want, be part of it. My day to day is the dedication to the creative and artistic world. Candid Wedding photography is for me an authentic way of showing life, of telling reality in its most sincere and beautiful facet. A love story, told through a creative narrative photography.

Candid Wedding Photography Chennai Tamilandu india

My camera and I will be present in those moments that you will like to remember and relive over time. In each of the Candid weddings I implore myself to the fullest in order to capture every detail, taste and smell through the images. I am inspired by the complicity that is perceived in the couple’s photographs. The ingredients for the perfect wedding reportage will be light, composition, harmony and above all enjoy the moment, we will capture together some of those that will be your most important memories.

As a wedding photographer, I am based on the concept of knowing how to portray people, through observation and empathy. I like that my photographs are visions of a reality , photographs with rhythm, creating movement and dynamism, beautiful frames of the best wedding locations and the different picturesque places in Chennai or any place that you want to transport me in your wedding. The best Candid wedding photographs are those that take you to the moment and place , which transmit a message and together tell a story .

I am a wedding photographer in Chennai, Coimbatore and other destinations in India and abroad. I tell love stories through Candid wedding reports, couple photographs, pre-wedding and post-wedding.