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How To Choose Accessories For Your Wedding Dress

Choose Accessories Wedding Dress

For many years you dreamed about the dress that you will wear on your wedding day and finally you have found the right one; Now the next step is to find the perfect accessories that match your wedding dress and we invite you to check some tips so you know how to choose the right accessories for Your Wedding Dress.

How To Choose Accessories For Your Wedding Dress

  1. Take into account the style of the dress

A factor that you should consider to be able to choose the perfect accessories is based on the style of your dress, since this one can be vintage, modern, classic or conservative.

  1. Less is more

Before choosing the accessories that you will use on the day of the wedding, it is important that you consider the amount of things that your dress has: like lace, rhinestones ; because if it is very loaded do not forget that your accessories have to be minimal.

Seeks to create a balance between the accessories you are going to use; If you use a super large pendant, make sure that your earrings are discreet and on the contrary, if you wear a large earrings you will better omit the necklace.

  1. Your body type

Another factor to consider before choosing the accessories you will use on your wedding day, without a doubt, is your body type; remember that many times what we use depends on our complexion; that is to say, if you have a slightly wide neck it will be better to use some super delicate necklace, otherwise you might look a little rough.

  1. The cut of the dress

The decision to use accessories also depends on the type of dress you are going to use; For example, if it’s a dress with a collar, you’d better just wear some cute earrings and that’s it; or if your dress is strapless you should preferably wear a necklace or chain, as this will complement and give a special touch to your outfit.

  1. The only one that you should like is you

It is your wedding and the most important thing is that you feel good about yourself and that you are comfortable with your style during the big day.

  1. Take care of the quality

Your accessories must be authentic! Of course that does not mean that you have to have expensive jewelry, just be sure that you will use authentic things, such as real pearls or silver, because often the jewelery can make your dress not look enough; And if you prefer to use something fancy do not forget that it must be of good quality.

  1. That does not go out of style

Remember that fashions change, so better choose classic accessories instead of the ultra trend. What probably seems incredible today, in some years may seem ridiculous.

  1. Only three things

Remember the rule of the three points of attention; that is, give the jewels you carry the prominence they deserve.

The idea is only three points of attention: bracelet, earrings and necklace or earrings ring and bracelet (to say the least); taking into account that the true protagonists of that day will be your engagement ring and your wedding ring.

  1. No to the excess of earrings

If you have many piercings in the ears or piercings in the face, it would be better if you leave them well stored in your house because it is your wedding! and this type of accessories may not be a good complement to your dress; Under normal circumstances you can see very parents, but on days like that they may not be as elegant.


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