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10 Tips That Will Help You Plan Your Wedding Without Stress

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Plan Your Wedding Without Stress. There are many occasions in which we see how brides are overwhelmed when the time comes to buy a beautiful agenda in which we will be writing down to do! What is going through our heads? How many crazy things occur to us! True?

Put your feet on the ground, for a moment and breathe. It is the first advice we give you so you do not see an abyss where there is none when it comes to organizing your wedding.

Without a doubt, planning your wedding day can become a continuous stress if you do not convince yourself that you have to live and enjoy all this, not only on your wedding day, but all the previous process.

Now, what you are playing are some tips that we want to help you put in order, and enjoy the organization of your wedding from the first moment.

Plan Your Wedding Without Stress

  1. What kind of wedding do you want?

It may not be your case, but we see it more than once. There is such chaos that you can suffer that you begin to walk without having made the decision in one way or another. Normally, this is because you get too many ideas and you get blocked.

What kind of wedding do you want to organize? Plan Your Wedding Without Stress

Take your time, decide what kind of wedding you want to enjoy, and start putting small objectives and phases.

  1. The role of the family

We will always defend that the family is a very important part in everything that involves the organization of a wedding. Of course, you must give it its place. They will help you, they will accompany you, they will advise you … but everything that concerns the decision making is yours, and only yours. In short, it is your day and you are the ones who get married. And everything that happens that day will be left for the remains.

  1. Expenses to organize the wedding

We all like to talk about wedding plans, and we … what are we going to tell you? It is our day to day (and more than one night of insomnia). However, when we have to do numbers and talk about what we will spend on our wedding, uncomfortable moments come.

To organize a simple wedding, the most important thing is to be in love.  Plan Your Wedding Without Stress

To avoid them, the ideal is to establish an initial budget as soon as possible, and try to stick to expenses to what you have foreseen. You will save many headaches throughout the process. There will always be time for extra expenses that are not “necessary”.

Some tips to organize a cheap, simple and beautiful wedding. Plan Your Wedding Without Stress

  1. The date of the wedding

Deciding the day you will get married is much more than taking the calendar and pointing to a date. You must take into account several aspects such as the season of the year that you like most, if it is going to be a Catholic wedding you will have to take into account the availability of the church, the same happens if you want to celebrate your banquet in a specific place, etc…

In several places, you need to book well in advance. Sometimes, more than a year.

Our advice at this point is to lengthen your waiting a little, if necessary, and to get married in the place that really fills you with hope.

Some tips to know how far in advance we should organize the wedding.

  1. The guest list

There is one of the most conflicting points in any wedding. It’s time to sit down “the two” and draw up your guest list. There are several occasions in which we have given you some advice on what you should take into account when choosing your guests.

Think of some original invitations for your wedding

We will always maintain the philosophy that, on the day of your wedding, you must accompany those people who, really, you want to be witnesses of the happiest day of your lives.

On many occasions, and especially when our budget is more adjusted, this is one of the points where we will reduce the most expenses. So, it’s time to “be cool mind” and discard a high percentage of commitments.

  1. Sitting our guests

Another aspect that gives you more headaches gives us the time to sit our guests, because “there will always be someone who would have preferred to have been sitting at another table, with other people.”

It is not easy to advice on this point, but we will tell you that you forget a little about the guests here, and that you are “a little selfish”.

In 99.9% of weddings do not leave the accounts so that the number of guests per table and its distribution is what we would like.

Cocktail weddings are great in this sense, because “you do not force anyone to sit down with anyone”, and everyone moves around the banquet as they want, and chooses the company at every moment.

  1. outside nerves

Recently, we wrote some tips with which to avoid the nerves of a bride before her wedding. Take a look, because we are sure that they will help you.

Nervous girlfriend before her wedding

We will not tire of telling you that one of the most important things in the organization of a wedding is that you and your fiancee enjoy all the previous planning. For that, you have to calm any type of anxiety, so that you’re wedding day you are radiant.

  1. Your wedding is the best

Sometimes we talk with couples who compare their wedding with others, sometimes, weddings of strangers or have seen in portals, forums, etc…

Internet is a great tool to extract ideas, find solutions to any problem that arises, etc… Plan Your Wedding Without Stress

But it can also become our main enemy. In many occasions, the future novi @ s compare their wedding with the others. And nothing worse can happen to us.

Your wedding will be, or was, unique. Seriously, stay with this idea. Do not compare with anyone. You will enjoy, or you will have enjoyed your day like nobody else, because you are the protagonists of your wedding. So, it is impossible to compare.

  1. The wedding dress

There are many points that we consider for the big day, such as the menu, the gifts, the music, the cake, etc … But if there is something that needs to be mentioned because it is unique, it is the bride’s dress.

I think there is no girl who can avoid her desire to feel “the Queen of the story for a day”. Part of that charm we show with our wedding dress.

The best thing is for a bride to be quiet before her wedding. Plan Your Wedding Without Stress

That said, there are many recommendations … You’re a girl, and it’s something natural that comes from deep inside. MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE!

  1. Confirm the attendance of the guests

Last but not least, because it will help you save on expenses, ask all your guests to confirm their attendance in advance. It is more than likely that a small percentage of the list cannot attend your wedding, and if you are able to prevent it, you will save some menus, gifts, bus seats, etc…

We hope that these tips will help you to put your agenda in order, and that the planning of your wedding will be a success. And if you do not dare, you come great, or simply, you want professionals like us to help you organize your wedding, you just have to ask us and there we will be, by your side all the way.

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