Wedding Photography Chennai

“All we know about love is that love is all there is,” Emily Dickinson Wedding Photographers in Chennai

First of all, to tell you in broad strokes, that here you will find photographs of my wedding reports in different places and moments: Whether it’s the bride and groom’s preparations, photographs taken during the Wedding ceremony, a couple’s report in other locations … Also photos of the treat (from the cocktail onward) and finally the dance and environmental photography. 

I always try to do the wedding reports in person, although I suppose an extra effort for the distance between the two points, or the shortage of time. So the reason is very simple: if you have entrusted me with something so important, like reflecting your memories in my wedding photos , I will try against all odds, that the author of that work is mostly me;  That’s why it’s not  selfishness; It is commitment.

In Smiley Snaps what we like the most is natural wedding photography. We intervene as little as possible in the future of your wedding adapting to you, your needs and desires. We work so that everything flows between us with confidence and professionalism.

Doing this we create a different, original attitude and a magic that is reflected forever in the photographic report.

This project is born of our passion for documentary photography; our wedding reports are made of real moments, full of love and emotions.

You can hire us for your wedding report in Chennai.  And if by chance you choose the most beautiful place in the India to get married , we also move there; ) as  Destination Wedding Photographer .